puzz.link hosts some puzzle things. "Puzzle" here refers to Nikoli/WPF style logic puzzles, for example Sudoku or Slitherlink.

Currently, you can find

Recent changes

Puzzle player (pzprjs)


Merge X_Sheep's pzprxs (github.com/x-sheep/pzprjs, presently hosted at pzprxs.vercel.app).

This brings in a host of new puzzle types and bug fixes; for the moment, see the pzprjs changelog for details.

Migrate server, add CDN, remove service worker.
New puzzle type: Canal View.
Experimental service worker support. The desired effect is that loading new player links doesn't cause a server round-trip, and might even work offline.
Disable direct puzzle linking from the puzzle index, to make it clear that this indexes puzzles and does not republish them.
Older changes
New puzzle types: Aqre, International Borders, Tapa-Like Loop, Toichika 2.
New puzzle types: Minesweeper, NIKOJI, Nonogram.
New puzzle types: Symmetry Area, Detour, Snake.
New puzzle type Tents.
  • puzzledb: Add stats page (including user solve counts when logged in)
  • pzprjs: Add experimental networked cooperative play (see File->Network play)
Update pzprjs applet:
  • Thinner grid lines on high-DPI displays.
  • Fix alignment of Shakashaka triangles.
  • Reword several error messages. Particularly, replace "plural" by "more than one".
If you run into issues, please get in touch!
Extend database login sessions automatically.
Renban consecutive number check fix.
Update pzprjs applet with tweaked line-dashing.
Update pzprjs applet. Major changes:
  • For shading puzzles, autocheck consistently only triggers when all cells are decided. (And autocheck mode can be configured to be dumb instead.)
  • Change Cave and Nurimisaki back to be shading-first.

The pzprjs applet

puzz.link hosts the robx/pzprjs applet, an improved fork of the applet that powers pzv.jp.

For example, the URL puzz.link/p?skyscrapers/5/5/g2l2g43l35 is a

Skyscrapers puzzle

And puzz.link/p?masyu/10/10/6000123630000664000026000239000000 is a

Masyu puzzle

You can explore the list of puzzle types to reach the editor. To share a puzzle, share the link via "File > Export URL". You can find puzzles that use this applet around the web, for example on Twitter or at Puzzle Square JP (e.g., the Geradeweg puzzles).

The puzz.link puzzle database

At puzz.link/db, you can access a database of publicly accessible puzzles, found via twitter and puzzle blogs, among others. For example, you can find more Masyu puzzles.

Terms, Privacy

Puzzle content

For all puzzles shared via puzz.link, the copyright lies with their authors. We merely serve an interface for solving those puzzles; any issues should be taken up with the site hosting the link. The puzz.link database only shares puzzles that are available publicly, and links to their source.


Puzzle applet

The solving applet at https://puzz.link/p stores user preferences in the browser local storage. These preferences are not shared with the puzz.link servers. When logged in to an account at the puzzle database (see below), the applet sends information about solved puzzles to the puzz.link servers.

Puzzle database

It's possible to create an account with the puzz.link database at https://puzz.link/db. In that case, we store account details to enable login. You can optionally provide an email address which will be used to get in touch for important issues relating to your account, such as password reset.

When you log in to the puzz.link database, we store a session identifier in the browser local storage.

When interacting with the puzz.link database while logged in, we store data such as tags and solve status as entered while interacting with the database. Furthermore, when you solve puzzles using the puzz.link applet while logged in, those solves will be recorded in your account.


If you have any questions or comments, get in touch at contact at puzz.link, or join the puzz.link chat at puzzlink.zulipchat.com. For bug reports and feature requests, please use the github issue trackers: pzprjs applet and puzzle database.